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January 2024 steni-as-ski-tower-apartments-archello

The Ski Tower project

A nice application of Steni Nature Scandinavian Forest

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September 2023 rotterdam_thorax_centrum_xxl

Het Erasmus Thorax Centrum, mooi gemaakt om mooi te blijven.

Wat mooi is gemaakt moet mooi blijven!

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August 2023 riverevent-2023-headerimage-xxl

Wij staan op RiverEvent, zien we je ook?

Op 12, 13 en 14 september 2023 is Foran aanwezig op het RiverEvent, een interessant event voor o.a. architecten.

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February 2023 central-jam-e-mosque-xxl2

De Blauwe Moskee, Oslo

Hoe de mogelijkheden van Steni Colour tot het uiterste werden benut in een Custom toepassing.

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November 2021 2

The BIM models from Steni

The BIM models from Steni promote creativity and save time. "I couldn't wait to use Steni's BIM modules when I heard about them. This is great news for us architects," says Frida Helen Andersen, civil architect at Norconsult in Tromsø.

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August 2020 slide_projecten-22

The forward step with FORAN.

Since Steni was founded in 1965 as a family business in Norway, it has focused on providing facade solutions, specially designed to cope with the harsh and demanding Norwegian climate, but above all to offer a unique and sustainable architectural expression. Steni has grown into a Norwegian entrepreneurial success with branches in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland and distributors in Europe, the United

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