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The forward step of Steni Benelux with FORAN.

Since Steni was founded as a family business in Norway in 1965, it has focused on providing facade solutions, specially designed to cope with the harsh and demanding Norwegian climate, but above all to offer a unique and sustainable architectural expression. Steni has grown into a Norwegian entrepreneurial success with branches in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland and distributors in Europe, the United States, Canada and the Netherlands.

Steni successfully supplies the world's most extensive and fascinating selection of facades, in a wide range of surface and size options. The Norwegian company strives to be a trusted advisor worldwide for facade solutions that enable architects to design buildings that are cost-effective through sustainable aesthetics and quality, and at the same time last for generations.

Steni Netherlands (Benelux)

Steni Benelux has also created trust and value by working closely with users, owners, architects and contractors in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Former managing director of Steni Benelux BV, Patrick Klijnjan, says the success in the Benelux was the result of a combination of factors. "Dedication to offering the perfect solutions, setting high standards of quality in everything we do and transparency with the customer," said Patrick Klijnjan.

FORAN is a distributor of STENI

"As an entrepreneur, I am constantly looking for new knowledge and I am always interested in new developments in the market that can make a positive contribution to the company and customers," says Patrick Klijnjan. "Therefore, Steni's decision to generate an independent distributor in the Benelux was a logical step for me. As the owner of a new company like FORAN, I can fully focus on customer requirements and at the same time position the company for further growth with both existing and new markets, with the ultimate aim of more Steni products being utilised."

The transition to FORAN is complete

Steni has now closed its office in Den Bosch and appointed FORAN as its distributor. FORAN's head office is located in Dordrecht with a showroom in Rotterdam. "The current format offers more opportunities to strengthen relationships, offers more options to realise the vision of designers and contractors and increases our service provision," continues FORAN's owner. "I am looking forward to working with these focal points and collaborations to make Steni's products even stronger in the Dutch, Belgian and Luxembourg markets."


Steni's thoughts:

"We are very happy with the opportunity facilitated by FORAN. The creation of a distributor for our products in the Benelux makes it easier to respond to changing situations or new challenges," adds Adrian Pye, export director of Steni. "Our main focus is to make Steni cladding panels unique in terms of sustainability, environmental friendliness and the design possibilities of the panels."

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