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The Ski Tower project

Unique tower building with robust and durable materials

In Magasinparken in Ski municipality, Solon Eiendom has built a modern living environment with, among other things, four different tower buildings. Among these we find Ski Tower by A-lab architects, which are built with a strong focus on sustainability using robust, durable and environmentally friendly materials.

"The project is based on the use of solid and durable materials with an urban and timeless expression, where the façade mainly consists of wood and cladding," says architect Linn Rosnes of the architectural firm A-Lab.

The four tower buildings in Magasinparken in Ski form a unique housing project where four different architectural firms have designed their own building. The interdisciplinary collaboration has meant that each of the four tower buildings has its own unique design and layout, while there is a common thread running through all the buildings.

"Our building has a two-layer façade, which creates intimate and sheltered patios in front of all the apartments. By dressing the building with a skeleton, made of wood with plastered façade panels from Steni, we have created a space between the outer walls and life on the outside," says Rosnes.

Architect: A-Lab
Photography: Sem & Johnsen

Material Used:
Steni: Steni Nature Scandinavian Forest


Environment and Sustainability in focus

When the architectural firm was in the design process of Ski Tower by A-lab, they contacted Steni to see what opportunities existed and what Steni could offer and add to such a project.

"We immediately fell for the olive green crystal-coloured façade panel of crushed olivine, says Rosnes.

The façade panels with the surface of olivine now form the framework of the tower building in Magasinparken, and have given the building an aesthetic boost, as well as an environmentally friendly contribution.

"The beautiful and natural expression, together with the environmentally friendly and robust properties of the façade panels, was the reason why we chose Steni Nature with a crushed olivine surface," says the architect.

Steni Nature

«A perfect example»

Communications Manager at Steni, Jan Terje Nielsen, has followed this process closely, and is full of praise for the project.

"In my opinion, this is a prime example of how you can combine different materials to create a dynamic and natural façade that stands out in the crowd. Here, the architects have made many good choices, which in the end gives a fantastic end result," says Nielsen.

Nielsen also believes that such buildings emphasize that Steni is on the right track when it comes to product development and focus areas.

"When we launched the Steni Nature façade panel with a surface of olivine, there was a continued focus on environmentally friendly and robust panels, with a natural look that blends in well with other natural building materials. Here we see that there is a good way to go, and we will probably only see more and more such buildings in the future, says Nielsen.