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"The Cosmopolitan"


Revitalized 1960s Apartment Building

A neglected tower block from the 1960s has been transformed into an architectural landmark in the "EU capital" Brussels. The facade of the combined apartment and office building known as "The Cosmopolitan" is clad with Steni facade panels.

The architects were seeking a natural expression and, considering the 'old' concrete structure, wanted to work with a lightweight material. Therefore, they chose Steni Nature facade panels.

New Life – New Environment

In Belgium, The Cosmopolitan is cited as a good example of a creative and targeted renovation that has breathed new life into a dilapidated 1960s building. The renovation helps rejuvenate an area in a densely populated city while also meeting the housing needs of the city. "The renovation has revitalized a popular part of densely populated Brussels. With its apartments, the building also provides the city with much-needed housing," says Klijnjan.

From Office Building to Urban Apartments

When developer Besix RED decided to refurbish the tired concrete colossus in 2019, only the lower two floors were in use, and the building was decaying.

The location in the heart of the city inspired the architects Bogdan & Van Broeck to transform the office building into 130 modern and urban residential units of various sizes. The lower two floors, totaling 1,500 m², were retained for offices and businesses.

At the top, three floors were also added, bringing the total number of floors to 16. To create a natural transition between the apartment complex and the surrounding row houses, it was also decided to build a new three-story building with 26 residential units. An underground parking connects both buildings with 50 parking spaces and 170 bicycle parking spaces.

Both the new and the old building are clad with large Steni panels with lightly polished white marble natural stone aggregate.

"The Cosmopolitan is a landmark in Brussels and visible from a large part of the city. This renovation has inspired similar uplifting initiatives for various buildings in the area," concludes Klijnjan.


Project Name: The Cosmopolitan

Client: Besix RED

Architect: Bogdan & Van Broeck

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Category: 1,500 m² office space and 156 apartments

Steni Used: Approx. 6,000 m2 of Steni Nature in Swedish marble aggregate, lightly polished.

Why Steni Nature?

The architects were looking for a natural expression and, considering the 'old' concrete structure, wanted to work with a lightweight material. That's why they chose Steni Nature facade panels.