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Steni Nature


Steni Nature is available in a wide range of surface finishes, gradations and formats. The panels have a natural character and the timeless design is a good alternative to brick or plaster. Steni Nature is available in special stone types and gradations.

In this case, the chosen stone type must be approved in advance by our laboratory in order to verify its suitability for production. The result is a unique production series that gives your facade the solid and personal character you want. Steni Nature is a cladding panel made of a glass fibre reinforced stone composite that is designed as external cladding for all types of buildings.

We apply the same stringent precision and quality requirements as for our standard colours, but we cannot guarantee that you will be able to order the same type of stone again in the future. Please bear this in mind when calculating your requirements.


Minimum 30 m2 per layout

Steni Nature formats in stock:
1195 x 2995 mm
The full production width of 1195 mm is always charged. The minimum panel width is 196 mm.

Standard dimensions

Sheet layout / Production length

The panels must be installed in accordance with the installation instructions.