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Haga Lyceum

Haga Lyceum

Haga Sloterdijk
Haga Lyceum Sloterdijk gevelpanelen

A temporary school was designed near Sloterdijk Station. The school was realised for a period of 4 years. The school is composed of standard units. A mezzanine has been created in the centre of the building so that there is a good overview and the students can all see each other.


Product: STENI Vision Costum
Colour: Custom Design
Gloss: halfmat
Volume: ca. 1.100 m²
Installation: FS-100
Realised: 2017

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Project Details

Client: Municipality of Amsterdam
Architect: Solid Architecture
Contractor: BUKO
Installation: Eskra Bouw

Try out here the Steni Pattern Generator

The facade is made from Steni Vision panels with a custom design. There is only one pattern, but by rotating the panels on the facade, an endless and non-repeating pattern is created.