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Steni Vision


STENI VISION STANDARD - Combine the possibilities

Steni Vision panels are made of a stone composite and can be used internally and externally in all kinds of buildings.

Create unique facade designs with Steni Vision. Choose from 64 standard designs and three gloss variations, or create your own unique look with Steni Vision Custom.
The design possibilities are almost unlimited, and if you want to use your own illustrations or ideas, we will help you adapt them to a larger format. The panels are made of a stone composite, which requires minimal maintenance, and have a 60-year functional warranty.

Do you want more opportunities to create a unique design? Then we recommend Steni Vision Custom


Steni Vision can be produced in several standard versions and three gloss variants. In addition, you can depict your own motif on the facade thanks to our production customisation. We are happy to help you find a unique look that suits you.

Steni Vision is not a stock item. The entire production width of 1195 mm is always charged.

Standard dimensions:

panel width in mm: 1195

Production length in mm: 850 x 3190

The panels must be installed in accordance with the installation instructions.