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The Ananas: An Architectural Masterpiece


In the picturesque city of Leiden, a new architectural icon has emerged, giving the city a fresh and contemporary look. The project "De Ananas," designed by Van Egmond Architecten, is a masterpiece that harmoniously blends the traditional and modern elements of Leiden.

A Nod to History

With its name "De Ananas," the project not only honors the city of Leiden but also its historical significance. The pineapple symbolizes hospitality and welcome, values deeply rooted in the city's culture. This design is a warm welcome for both residents and visitors alike.

Architectural Features

The most striking feature of De Ananas is undoubtedly its unique facade. Van Egmond Architecten has carefully worked to create a facade that is both modern and timeless. The lines and use of sustainable materials reflect the innovation and sustainability of the city.

Inside, De Ananas offers a modern and comfortable living environment. The spacious apartments feature large windows that allow abundant natural light and offer stunning views of the city. The communal spaces are designed with attention to detail and comfort, allowing residents to enjoy a high-quality lifestyle.

For this magnificent design, we were privileged to supply more than 3,000 square meters of Steni Colour semi-matte in various distinctive, project-specific chosen colors.


We had the privilege of supplying the following Steni Colour NCS colors in semi-matte:

S0515-G40Y – 180m²

S1020-G40Y – 165m²

S2030-G40Y – 180m²

S2040-G30Y – 245m²

S3040-G30Y – 205m²

Project Details

Client: De Raad Vastgoed

Architect: Van Egmond Architecten (

Contractor: De Raad Bouw

Installation Company: VM Geveltechniek

Distributor: Vink Kunststoffen

Completion: Mid 2023

Sustainability and Community

Another remarkable aspect of De Ananas is its emphasis on sustainability. The building is designed with environmentally friendly technologies and materials to minimize its ecological footprint. Furthermore, the project promotes community building, with social spaces and amenities that bring residents together.

The future of Leiden

De Ananas is not only a building, but also represents Leiden's vision for the future. It demonstrates that tradition and innovation can work hand in hand to strengthen a city. This project will undoubtedly inspire future generations and reminds us of how architecture can enrich a community.

With De Ananas, a valuable chapter has been added to the architectural history of Leiden, showcasing that the city is poised for a bright future.