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Amerbos renovatie met Steni Nature gevelpanelen

Renovation project Amerbos

Amerbos renovatieproject
Steni Nature gevel Amerbos

Renovation project Amerbos

The complex has been given a new, fresh look with three full-sized Steni Nature panels with a Coarse granulation. To reintroduce the original lines of the concrete blocks, a joint of 20 mm has been applied around them. The installation is FS-100, bolted to an aluminium substructure.

Watch the video here


Product: STENI Nature facade panels
Colour: SN305
Granulation: Coarse
Volume: 4,000 m2
Installation: FS-100 / screwed to an aluminium substructure.

Project details

Client: VVE Buikslotermeer
Main contractor: IJbouw
Subcontractor: VASCOprofiel